An Important Message about Our Church

WE are all concerned about the coronavirus that is disrupting so many lives across our nation. We know that this is a serious problem we are facing, but thank God, we have Him on our side to strengthen our faith in the face of a crisis. Christians are united in the importance of reacting with faith instead of fear. God has something in store for this country. Let’s pray that He uses this to bring a spiritual awakening. 

We are very concerned about the safety and health of our members. All services this Sunday, March 15 and next Sunday, March 22, will be cancelled. All activities, including those on Wednesday nights between now and March 29, will be cancelled. We plan to have services on Sunday, March 29, unless it becomes necessary to cancel them too. 

For the next two Sundays, the staff will live stream a 30 minute service at 11:00. We will use Facebook live. Simply go to our church Facebook page. Here is the direct link:

We will also record the service and upload it to our website so that others, without a Facebook account, can watch it. 

Please spend the Lord’s Day in prayer with your family. Have a family worship experience with them. Study the Bible together. If you want, invite a neighbor over to join you. There are numerous radio and TV programs you can listen to or watch. Don’t waste an opportunity to connect with God this Sunday and the next.

God is always wanting to maximize His glory, and one way He does that is by allowing people to go through difficult circumstances so that they will turn to Him in prayer and increase their dependence on Him. Let’s rely on the promises of God, one being that He works all things together for our good, and that He will never leave us or forsake us. 

May God bless you!

Pastor Joe