Six Hours One Friday

Max Lucado9 hours ago He was uneasy. He had been since noon. It wasn’t the deaths that troubled him. The centurion was no stranger to finality. Over the years he’d grown callous to the screams of the crucified. He’d mastered the art of numbing his heart. But this crucifixion plagued him. The day began as had a hundred [...]

Was Christ Crucified on Good Friday or Another Day?

Paul Baxter apologetics, crucifixion, Easter, history, resurections May 3 2017 While six ministers and I were eating at Cracker Barrel on a recent Monday, a question was raised about the day Jesus was crucified. There was serious discussion about what Jesus said in Matthew 12:40 about how He, the Son of Man, would be buried for three days and three nights.” [...]

Good Friday Timeline

Mark Vroegop As we remember the crucifixion of Jesus on Good Friday, I find a timeline is helpful. Seeing the times, events, and scripture references make this historical event more vivid and personal. All three congregations of College Park (NorthIndy, Fishers, and Castleton) will gather tonight at 7 PM to mark this eternity-altering moment. As you prepare [...]

One Christian’s Thoughts on the Corona Virus Pandemic

One Christian’s Thoughts on the Corona Virus Pandemic

There is so much uncertainty and confusion surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 that has swept across the entire globe. It seems like everyday we wake up and are continually astonished at the increasing number of cases and deaths that are related to this outbreak. We turn on the news, or read articles, but there are [...]

Encouraging Words from our US Representative, Barry Loudermilk

Things are surely different right now. Last week, I traveled to Washington, D.C. for the House vote on the economic stimulus package. After two weeks of continuous teleconferences and phone calls, I was looking forward to it, but well aware of the need to keep distance from others and continuously wash my hands. What I wasn’t prepared for was [...]

Dr. Dobson on the Coronavirus and Words of Hope

Hello dear friends,  I am writing to you this month to express compassion and hope to those among my readers who are deeply troubled today by the uncertainty of our times. While our nation and our world have reason to be concerned by the coronavirus that stalks the human family, we must also exercise sound [...]

Coronavirus – Some Thoughts from David Franklin

Lots and lots of questions about the coronavirus. I am sorry that you and our churches are having to deal with so much disruption. Here are some faith ( not medical ) thoughts: PRAYER - Now is the time to call our people to prayer. We have great scriptural and historical examples of special prayer calls.  [...]

An Important Message about Our Church

WE are all concerned about the coronavirus that is disrupting so many lives across our nation. We know that this is a serious problem we are facing, but thank God, we have Him on our side to strengthen our faith in the face of a crisis. Christians are united in the importance of reacting with [...]